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Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 05:31AM
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I've been busy the last week or so with a commission to paint seven archangels.


Just click on the image to see a larger version of each angel.

You may already know that I practice Angelic Reiki, so the angels and archangels play a big part in my life.  Angelic Reiki is similar to Usui Reiki, which is what most people know as 'reiki', in that the therapist is just a channel for the healing energy.  But in Angelic Reiki, we channel the energy of the Angelic Kingdom instead of the universal life energy.  I practice self healing daily (or most days) and send healing to friends who are in need of it.  I have a couple of regular clients and do attunements for those who wish to work with Angelic Reiki.  The Angelic Kingdom has gently brought me positive changes over the 7 years I have been inviting it into my life.

Until recently, I haven't felt moved to paint angels.  The Goddess is the one who usually guides my hands when I paint.  

I've made an altered book about angels and I've done some small pieces of work in sketchbooks, but no paintings.  Then, about a month ago a friend asked me to do two small angel paintings for her therapy room (and then two more!).  Then a request from one of my training school tutors for seven archangels on canvas. She had just done her Angelic Reiki attunements with me and wanted a set of paintings for her therapy/training room.

Mostly, depictions of angels are pretty cutesy girls with big eyes and wings.  And that's ok, if that's how they appear to you. But for me the angels are ENERGY.  They are beings of LIGHT.  They are HUGE.  It was pretty tricky to try and squish these beings onto canvases measuring 50 x 20cm.

I hope I've managed to get a little bit of their essence down in the paint.  I hope the client likes them.   My son said they look like 'fire' but 'elegant' so I think I'm getting there.

If you would like your own angel painting please contact me.  Commissions are very welcome!! 

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See you soon

Angel blessings from my heart to yours

Rachel xox

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