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Monday, June 3, 2013 at 09:17AM
Rachel Ellen Andrews in art fair, confidence, creativity, networking, painting

Sales, networking, confidence building, fun - this was my first art fair experience on Saturday :-)

I did sell some prints and some cards and I would have liked to have been a bit busier, of course. It wasn't a massive success financially.  It wasn't a monetary success for any stallholder, I imagine, because it was the first one of this kind at this venue and the locals need to get used to us!! 

But my stepping out there was about so much more than taking money...

This was the first time I have had these paintings on display.  I have little confidence in my work and I needed to see it outside of my tiny conservatory/studio. From this point of view, the art fair was extremely useful. I had great feedback from fellow exhibitors and, more importantly, I know it looked good. I now know my art can be on show; and in my heart I know that it will look 100 tines better on a nice gallery wall rather than on trestle tables in a marquee. This is a massive, HUGE step for me. Me, Rachel Ellen Andrews...

A real bonus this kind of event has going for it is networking. I met some really nice people and made some important contacts.  People also picked up my business cards and leaflets about my workshops. I know from experience of doing Mind, Body & Spirit fairs that sometimes these little cards and leaflets languish in bags and pockets for maybe months until one day you get a phone call or an enquiry through the website.  So patience is key here.

And, when you're not selling, networking or realising that actually your work looks more than ok, you can drink coffee and people watch - which is always fun, anywhere!

So, friends, if you're hesitating about taking part in an art fair, go for it.  You'll make some sales (you will), you'll make some friends, and you'll boost your confidence.  You'll also have a great day out - what more could you want?

If you have experience of art fairs or not - please leave a note in the comments - I'd love to hear from you.

From my heart to yours

Rachel xox 

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