I paint because it makes me happy.

I believe that colour affects our energy on a vibrational level - adding a cheerful painting to your room will change the vibration of that space, uplifting you and the energy.

I paint intuitively using bright, joyful colours and letting the painting unfold into its own space - the work is a dialogue between myself and the painting.

The process starts with layers of colour; the abstract landscapes, flowers and goddess archetypes emerging.

I like to leave some of the layers peeking through; life is multi-layered and so are we.   

I'm currently mostly absorbed in landscapes and flowers. I'm inspired by the beauty of the natural world and am lucky enough to live just 15 minutes away from gorgeous countryside and coast.

It's the expansive feeling I get when I'm in these wild, empty places that inspires me. I paint my reaction to the landscape and about that feeling rather than a depiction of it.  Walking also puts me in a flow state, a bit like painting does, and that's another reason to feel inspired here. 

See the latest artwork and works in progress over on Instagram.