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Mandala workshop news

You all know I love Mandalas - they're in my Gallery and on the blog - I use them frequently for healing myself through art and also for meditation.  They are a salve for my soul.

I've been planning a Mandala workshop for a while now and YAY! I have now set a date for the 23rd June (a full moon).  Details are on the workshop page.

So... why come and make mandalas with me?

Mandalas are special.  Making them takes you to a different place - somewhere to meditate or dream, somewhere to be yourself, to forget worries, somewhere to grow or be healed.  Mandalas can be whatever you want them to be.  I just know how magical they are.

On this workshop we will meditate and connect with our creative selves.  We will spend some time in a quiet space feeling into our mandala experience and then start the magic bit, the making!!

just click for a larger pic

We will try several different methods using different art materials so you can try out what feels best for you.  You don't have to be arty, no experience is necessary, which is another wonderful thing about mandalas, anyone can make them...

Most importantly, it will be fun - a day for you - a day to connect with yourself and your feelings, your hopes and aspirations, your desires and your dreams.  Come and make mandalas with me!!  

Sign up here I would so love for you to join me.

Love to you all, from my heart to yours

Rachel xox




Marvellous mandalas

There's something in the air at the moment - everyone is making mandalas! 

Louise Gale is making them on the beach in Spain, Julie Gibbons has just opened her 'Great Round of Mandala' ecourse and over on Instagram Emily Lagore creates the most fabulous mandalas in her journals.

And I am planning my own Mandala workshop for the end of March/beginning of April (sign up for my newsletter to get the updates on this).

The word Mandala comes from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel’. It is a symbol for the circle of life and for the great Creator (or Goddess). Mandalas are easy to create and a wonderful method of using art as meditation. When I was reconnecting with my creative self, I painted or drew them nearly every day.  I still use them as a way of quietening my mind and tuning in to my self, especially if I feel stuck or low.  And sometimes I make them just for fun!

Sometimes I paint them on canvas...

Sometimes, they are in my art journal...

And sometimes they're tiny...

I started this teeny little journal using words and mandalas in January.  I really did feel low then and this was an easy way for me to connect with my creativity.  The words I use are uplifting or life affirming quotes and the act of writing them helps to lift my mood.  Creating a mandala around them acts as a meditation to ease my soul.

The process of making mandalas has helped me over the past two years as a form of creative meditation.  I would highly recommend it and it's another of the exercises in my Goddess Inspirations Yearbook

I've added a few of my painted mandalas to the Gallery.

If you want to join the lovely Julie, registration closes in a few days, so be quick.

Do you make mandalas?  Have you thought about making them?  Would you like to start?  If you live in the north east of England (or even if you don't!) I will be running a workshop based on my own mandala practice very soon so make sure you sign up for my newsletter to get all the latest details. (Just go to the top right hand corner of the page and fill in your email.)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on mandalas, so leave me a note!

From my meditative heart to yours

Rachel xox