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Blooming Inspiration

The flowery muse is still in residence :-)

And my lovely Instagram friend, Sandy Morcom, asked me if I would share my inspiration for this series of flower paintings. I was going to reply on IG but realised that it wasn't a one sentence answer so here we go...

I love flowers and plants. I have plants all over my house and always like to have some fresh flowers.

I've painted and drawn plants and flowers before but maybe you haven't seen them. Some of these paintings are over in the gallery, some are in sketchbooks, there's a whole series of 'flower fairies' and my goddess paintings (also in the gallery) and journal pages nearly all include some organic shapes or plant forms.

When I was creating my goddess pages for 21 Secrets I started to think that it would be fun to make some paintings just about flowers rather than goddess and flowers. Not that long after, the flowers burst open onto my canvas when I had been having an extremely challenging day with video technology. Having cried with frustration I came into the studio and started to re-do a goddess painting that I had got stuck with.

I turned the canvas upside down, looked into the colours and energy of the painting and saw flowers rather than goddesses. Two hours later and MY energy had transformed PLUS the goddess in the painting was singing to me again.

You see, I'm starting to think that although I love to paint the goddess, she doesn't have to be IN the canvas every time for me to honour her and talk to her.

Since then, I don't seem to have stopped; the paint has flowed, the flowers have bloomed onto my canvases, Ostara is looking over my shoulder and I have her approval.

PLUS these paintings are helping me get through a testing period of health problems - but that may be a post for another day.

If you want to see more flower paintings, just flip back through the last few blog posts or you can visit/follow my Instagram or Flickr feed to see my photos everyday (I'm over at IG and Flickr as Rachellen333).

Phew! That was quite a long answer to your question Sandy, I'm glad I didn't try to reply on IG! It's been useful for me too to examine the why, so thank you :-)

What's blossoming for you dear heart, what motifs are blooming on your canvas and inspiring you right now?  Please share - I always like to hear from you.

From my blossoming heart to yours

Rachel xox

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Giveaway winner! (and a little note about creativity)

We have a winner!!

Congratulations to Jacqui Hall!!!  Connie will be in touch to tell you what happens next.  You are going to love 21 Secrets!!

A truly heartfelt thanks to all of you who entered.  All I asked was that you leave a comment as to why you want to take part in 21 Secrets.  But some of you really opened your hearts and I thank you especially for this.  

A common theme seems to be making a connection with your creative self and your creativity.  And this is a theme which really resonates with me.  

I had many, many years (over 20 of them) when I was not in touch with my creative self.  She was pushed into the background for a multitude of reasons.  But about three years ago when her whispers became too loud to ignore, I allowed her back in to my life.  This wasn't easy and it took time but I am so glad that I did. The JOY that I feel when I am in my creative space and in flow is something I now cannot live without. I wonder how I lived for so long without feeling that joy.  

I am feeling more and more drawn to help women make this connection (or often reconnection) with their creative self.

Unfortunately, I only have one spot to give away on 21 Secrets (generously donated by Connie). However, I am designing my own ecourse which will be starting at the end of April.

The purpose of this course will be to help you make that creative connection - it may be through art journalling or through painting, I haven't decided yet.  But the purpose will be the same - connection to your creativity, connection to Source and Flow, connection to JOY... 

I so want you to experience the joy too...

If you think you might like to come on this journey with me - then sign up here to stay in the loop (no pressure or commitment).  

From my heart to yours

Rachel xox

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Dreaming Awake the Goddess

The highlight of my week has been an art/planning date with the energy power house that is Carol Newmarch

Carol and I are going to be running a series of Goddess workshops and we really needed to get down to business and do some planning.  We also needed to get to know each other's way of working as we haven't facilitated a workshop together before. 

So we decided on an art date/planning session. 



The best idea!  

Work but fun!!

Highly recommended - right brain planning, getting to know your co-facilitator and having a laugh... (and I forgot to mention the cups of tea and party bag chocolate buttons, thanks Carol)...

I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon.

For those of you who live in the north east of the UK, the first of these goddess workshops, Dreaming Awake the Goddess, is on Sunday 30th March - and you can sign up here to be kept in the loop about in person workshops in the UK.

How do you run your planning or business sessions?  Or your team meetings? Wouldn't it be great if big biz did this?

From my heart to yours

Rachel xox

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Imbolc blessings to you

 It's the 2nd February - Imbolc or Candlemas or Brigid's Day - bright blessings to you.

Today is the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. It is the day we celebrate the small signs that Spring is approaching; snowdrops, hyacinth and crocuses blooming, daffodils in bud. These all herald the return of the Goddess. (Not that she ever left here...)

I'm chuckling a little to myself as I write this because this is a Fire festival (!!) and Brigid is another Fire goddess.

Brigit is Lady of the Sacred Flame, the Flame of Inspiration, the Flame of Creative Consciousness. Her bright, fiery energy is the energy of creation. She is patroness of all creatives - poets, writers, metal workers and crafts people. She encourages us to tap into our own inspiration and our own creative power. Brigit reminds us that we are connected always to Divine Inspiration and the creative Source.

I started this painting on the Solstice; family time at Christmas and a busy January with my other business meant that it has been neglected. But inspired by Brigit this weekend, I have reconnected with the fiery red energy. It feels so luscious and rich and I'm ready to finish this painting and its sister canvas that I started at the same time.

It's still winter outside but Brigit's energy brings brings hope, renewed enthusiasm, renewal, and new beginnings; Whichever way your spirituality lies, today, whatever the weather, take a walk and look for those small signs of the goddess - perhaps some green shoots appearing or snowdrops in bloom.

And to honour Brigit's fire, llight candles around your home tonight and celebrate with her.

I'm off to Yorkshire Sculpture Park with my beloved for this week's art date to marvel at the Henry Moore's and see the Angie Lewin exhibition.  But also to look for celandines and crocus and the goddess.

From my goddess heart to yours

Rachel xox

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the warmth of winter

I've been winding down to the Solstice, how about you?

I wasn't winding down, I was winding myself up; at the end of last week I was feeling frazzled and stressed, plus my diary for this week was pretty full. How did that happen? But as I put out to the Universe that this run up to Christmas was all getting a bit too much, quite a few things got cancelled or re-arranged. Perhaps everyone else was feeling the same and the Universe stepped in to slow us all down (whether we were aware of it or not).

To help myself slow down, I returned to the studio for some painting time.

I've spent the last 6-9 months painting mostly in turqoise and green, so where did these reds and oranges appear from?

As we got nearer to the Solstice, I realised these fiery colours are for Vesta, goddess of hearth and home. This is what I needed, to draw close to home, light the candles and snuggle up cosy. This season is about the Home, being close to dear ones, and, at the time of the longest night, welcoming the return of the Light.

The painting process has helped me to relax and be in the moment rather than thinking all the time about what I 'have to' achieve. The colours are warming and cosy, grounding and uplifting simultaneously. The works are still in progress but I'm enjoying them immensely.

So my Solstice celebration will mostly be in my studio, with the paints and the canvases and Vesta and her fire. Because that's another thing about the Solstice, which celebrates the victory of the light over the dark - it symbolises bringing Light to our own potential - lighting our own fire... Come on baby...

How are you celebrating this Festival of Light? You're welcome here - I've got mulled wine and mince pies and Jim Morrison's on the iPod.

I wish you a cosy one...

From my heart to yours

Rachel xox

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