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proud to be teaching on 21 Secrets 2014

YAY! I am more than excited to tell you that I am going to be teaching on 21 Secrets 2014!!!!

This is the big news I have wanted to share with you the past few weeks but couldn't until the official launch date which is today!

21 SECRETS is an annual online art journaling workshop, facilitated by Connie Hozvicka over at Dirty Footprints Studio.  It features 21 talented, passionate artists that share a different technique, approach, or method of art journaling that is special to them.  

I took part in 21 Secrets as a student in 2011 and 2012.  It opened me up to so many different teachers and so many different styles of journalling - a delicious feast of journaling!! 

And next year, I will be one of those 21 artists waiting to work with you...

There I am in the middle on the bottom row!! (Can you tell how excited I am?!)

My workshop Glorious Goddess will be one of 21 gorgeous, soulful journaling workshops which you can sign up for here

My Glorious Goddess workshop will help you to reconnect, reclaim, and release your inner goddess. Through guided meditation and some of my favorite art journaling techniques, I will guide you into creating your own Goddess pages. I have worked spiritually and creatively with the Goddess energy for many years now and my art work is about the joy I experience when I make that connection. I’d love to work with you to help you make your own connection.  Absolutely no art experience is necessary.

The workshops are not live until 1st April 2014 but the sooner you enrol, the more money you save as there are lots of early bird savings to be grabbed. To sign up, just hop over here

So looking forward to seeing you next year in 21 Secrets 2014

From my heart to yours

Rachel xox

(ps you may have noticed all the links to 21 Secrets 2014.  These use an affiliate code meaning that each teacher has their own code and receives a small reward for each sale they refer through the link)


Self care and paintings

There's been a lot of painting going on recently and a lot of self care.  

This has meant no blogging during August.  An unplanned blogging break, but the self care has been entirely necessary and a break from computers where possible was a part of this.  I'm lucky enough to be self employed and can set my own hours and schedule me time when I need it - for this I'm very grateful and feel very blessed to be where I am right now.

Other self care principles for me are:

taking walks with my beloved (or on my own)

being outside in my garden

being by the sea (as much as possible - given that I don't actually live by the sea)

making time to spend with kindred spirits for meditation and healing (or just to chat and yes, I often chat to this lovely furry kindred)

self healing using Angelic Reiki (every day)

and, of course, art every day 

What does your self care look like?  

Do you take time out every day for yourself?  

I'd love to hear from you... please leave your comments below...

From my grateful heart to yours

Rachel xox


art fair

Sales, networking, confidence building, fun - this was my first art fair experience on Saturday :-)

I did sell some prints and some cards and I would have liked to have been a bit busier, of course. It wasn't a massive success financially.  It wasn't a monetary success for any stallholder, I imagine, because it was the first one of this kind at this venue and the locals need to get used to us!! 

But my stepping out there was about so much more than taking money...

This was the first time I have had these paintings on display.  I have little confidence in my work and I needed to see it outside of my tiny conservatory/studio. From this point of view, the art fair was extremely useful. I had great feedback from fellow exhibitors and, more importantly, I know it looked good. I now know my art can be on show; and in my heart I know that it will look 100 tines better on a nice gallery wall rather than on trestle tables in a marquee. This is a massive, HUGE step for me. Me, Rachel Ellen Andrews...

A real bonus this kind of event has going for it is networking. I met some really nice people and made some important contacts.  People also picked up my business cards and leaflets about my workshops. I know from experience of doing Mind, Body & Spirit fairs that sometimes these little cards and leaflets languish in bags and pockets for maybe months until one day you get a phone call or an enquiry through the website.  So patience is key here.

And, when you're not selling, networking or realising that actually your work looks more than ok, you can drink coffee and people watch - which is always fun, anywhere!

So, friends, if you're hesitating about taking part in an art fair, go for it.  You'll make some sales (you will), you'll make some friends, and you'll boost your confidence.  You'll also have a great day out - what more could you want?

If you have experience of art fairs or not - please leave a note in the comments - I'd love to hear from you.

From my heart to yours

Rachel xox 

Art Fair


stepping out

Today I'm stepping out with my paintings, prints and cards for my first art fair.

This week, we've been knee deep in paintings...

There have been prints printed and cards carefully packaged...

And stress levels have been oh so high... it's partly to do with getting products ready to sell, but mostly it's about showing up and being out there with my work on display.

The last time I exhibited work was in 1986 (OMG). In truth, I'm petrified.

Not an extrovert, I have to force myself to do this; it doesn't come naturally to me. the critic's voice is loud in my ear 'who do you think you are?', 'what do you think you're doing?', nobody's going to like the work' yada yada yada - you all know the type of stuff... So I have been doing my positive affirmations and drowning out the critic with: 'I'm me, I'm great, I'm doing my thing and yes, I already know lots of people like my work' plus lots of visualising of packing up paintings and putting prints and cards in bags. Yay!!

I feel very much like the Fool in the tarot card of the same name - stepping off the cliff out into a new adventure, not knowing what's out there but knowing that it's time to take that step into the unknown. I have to face my fears of being exposed and vulnerable, of putting my paintings (and ultimately myself) on show.

Wish me luck!!

From my heart to yours

Rachel xox


unfolding (writing my artists statement)

How many of you have written an artist's statement?

That has been my task this morning - I'm applying to show some work in an open exhibition and need to have some words down on paper.  

This is not my idea of fun and although I write this blog, writing some formal words about myself and my process does not come naturally to me.

Feeling totally uninspired to do anything at all, I decided to go for the right brain approach and got out my Neocolors and some paper - wow, what a difference!! 

Would you be brave enough to submit something like this as your statement?  

Despite encouragement from IG and FB friends, that I could send this off :-) I think I still need a straight down the line written version.  Up to now, it's probably a little short, but I've at least made a start which means I will finish it.  And so, friends, here it is.  The Neocolours definitely helped me write it:

Art is my connection to Source.

I believe that when you step into your creativity, you step into your most authentic self.

I paint intuitively with no set intention at the start of a piece.  I let the painting unfold - the work is a dialogue between myself and the paint.

The process starts with layers of colour; the organic shapes and goddess archetypes emerging.  I like to leave some of the layers peeking through; life is multi-layered and so are we.  Very often I feel that the Goddess guides my hand and chooses the colours and motifs.  This is when the painting process is at its most joyful for me and the paint flows easily. 

My paintings are about the joy I feel when I make that connection, the joy I have in my life and the celebration of that joy. 

I would love to know what you think.

Have you had to write an artist's statement?  What was your process?  Did you find it difficult?  Easy? Please share with me in the comments below...

From my heart to yours

Rachel xox