stepping out

Today I'm stepping out with my paintings, prints and cards for my first art fair.

This week, we've been knee deep in paintings...

There have been prints printed and cards carefully packaged...

And stress levels have been oh so high... it's partly to do with getting products ready to sell, but mostly it's about showing up and being out there with my work on display.

The last time I exhibited work was in 1986 (OMG). In truth, I'm petrified.

Not an extrovert, I have to force myself to do this; it doesn't come naturally to me. the critic's voice is loud in my ear 'who do you think you are?', 'what do you think you're doing?', nobody's going to like the work' yada yada yada - you all know the type of stuff... So I have been doing my positive affirmations and drowning out the critic with: 'I'm me, I'm great, I'm doing my thing and yes, I already know lots of people like my work' plus lots of visualising of packing up paintings and putting prints and cards in bags. Yay!!

I feel very much like the Fool in the tarot card of the same name - stepping off the cliff out into a new adventure, not knowing what's out there but knowing that it's time to take that step into the unknown. I have to face my fears of being exposed and vulnerable, of putting my paintings (and ultimately myself) on show.

Wish me luck!!

From my heart to yours

Rachel xox

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Reader Comments (2)

Hi Rachel, all your work looks amazing!!! I know how you feel about putting yourself out there, I have been painting like crazy to for a market stall I was asked to do as part of the Vivid Sydney festival. It's scary!! I did my first 2 nights (it's a night market) last weekend, and I have 3 more nights next weekend. Good luck with your art fair - your paintings are gorgeous!!! Let us know how it goes :-)

June 1, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMandy Kopelke

Thanks Mandy, the fair wasn't great financially but excellent for networking and more importantly I took that first step in putting my work out there. I will write a blog post about it on Monday. Hope yours goes really well!!

June 1, 2013 | Registered CommenterRachel Ellen Andrews

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