Lotus flowers for Kwan Yin

In Buddhism and Hinduism the lotus flower represents purity and beauty.  The ancient Egyptians believed they related to re-birth and the sun.

For me the lotus flower represents Kwan Yin, the Chinese goddess and bodhisattva (or enlightened being). She is goddess of mercy, compassion and protection and her name means 'she who hears prayers'. Sometimes known as the Buddhist equivalent of Mother Mary, her energy is very gentle and I often ask Kwan Yin for help during my self healing in Angelic Reiki.   

I didn't set out to create a painting for Kwan Yin, and indeed there are three figures in the painting rather than one, but it is what it became.  The new pink colour is hers as are the lotus flowers.

Her message is that we need to have compassion for ourselves above all else and this is a message I really need right now.  There is a lovely quote from the chapter about Kwan Yin in Doreen Virtue's book 'Archangels and Ascended Masters':

Seek not opportunities, but allow them to gently come to you as a lotus flower floats upon the water amidst a gentle breeze....enjoy the process upon which you embark.  Know that each step along the way is akin to a party - a celebration of movement...

And that is why there are three figures dancing and partying amongst the lotus flowers!!  

What small steps are you taking?  Are you being kind to yourself? Really?

Hoping that you will be compassionate with your self this week and that like me you are gently allowing the process, but partying along the way...

From my heart to yours

Rachel xox

(ps I am sitting in my coat writing this - I had been for a walk and the message came through loud and clear from Kwan Yin - I had to sit down and write this as soon as I got in!!)





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    rachellen - Blog - Lotus flowers for Kwan Yin
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    rachellen - Blog - Lotus flowers for Kwan Yin
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    rachellen - Blog - Lotus flowers for Kwan Yin
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    rachellen - Blog - Lotus flowers for Kwan Yin

Reader Comments (6)

I have an affinity for Kwan Yin and Lotus. Your painting is lovely! As for small things, I am catching up after going to Paint Mojo Texas last weekend and then throwing a Halloween Party. I have another party tonight. But with all of that I got a kink in my neck, so I headed to my chiro this afternoon for a little TLC. Resting and a bit of Red Zinger tea are in order now. Thanks for post. It hit the spot.

November 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRachél - Creativity Tribe

I love the female symbolism of love and compassion Guan Yin, and also the tibetan male symbolism of love and compassion Chenrezig.
Om Mani Peme Hung.
Beautiful, colorful, and cheerful painting.
Thanks for sharing ;-)

November 2, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMariette

Hi Rachel - I'm glad the post hit the spot! Sounds like you are doing your partying and your small steps - enjoy!!

November 3, 2012 | Registered CommenterRachel Ellen Andrews

Hello Mariette - thanks for stopping by - and thank you for your lovely comment!!

November 3, 2012 | Registered CommenterRachel Ellen Andrews

Hello Rachel, I found your blog after seeing you on Instagram, and I love this painting so I had to come and see more! Gorgeous colours and feel. I share your love of the sea {bordering on obsession actually} and have also done Angelic Reiki, although I more regularly use the 'non angelic' kind!

I'd heard about Kwan Yin but didn't know much about her, so I'm glad to learn more. I could definitely use more compassion towards myself just now; perhaps that's why I was so drawn to your beautiful painting. :)

November 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTara@Aquamarine

Hi Tara - thank you for your lovely comments - lovely to connect with you. I've visited your blog and signed up for your updates! Lovely paintings with energy and healing combined. Nice to meet a kindred spirit!!

November 5, 2012 | Registered CommenterRachel Ellen Andrews

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