dancing with the gremlins

Oh dearest ones - I've got something big coming up, something huge (for me), something I can't share with you yet. But what I will share is my crisis of confidence. It's a while since this happened quite this badly, but apparently it seems the bigger the challenge, the bigger the crisis. Have you found this to be so?

The gremlins are HUGE, the critic's voice so LOUD...what to do in order to step out of the paralysing fear they induce?

My favoured method to deal with the gremlins (or critics or whatever you want to call them) is the good old art journal. How did I get through my life crises before I knew art journaling?!!

There are lots of ways to do this but I like to start with a coloured paint surface and then, using a nice glittery pen, write a letter to my gremlins telling them exactly what I think of them. How dare they treat me like this? Calling me small and telling me not to get too excited, not to mention questioning my very existence!

Once I've done journaling and my gremlins have left the building I invite my goddesses in and let the page become their own.

How do you deal with your gremlins? What do you do when your critic starts whispering in you ear?

I would love to know because I might use your method next time!  Please do leave me a message below.

From my (now) positive heart to yours

Rachel xox

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Reader Comments (5)

Thank you Rachelle for such a beautifully written post. You asked us to share what we do when there is a crisis or time when we need courage and lifting up. Personally I usually make a list of the positive things I have done and the positive people in my life. I also meditate which brings me a feeling of calm and well being. In addition I also draw or paint because that is my Zen. I also wanted to let you know I think your journal drawing/painting is beautiful, probably my favorite of what I have seen of your work. Maybe that's because your heart and soul went into it and that really comes through, especially after reading your blog. Hugs from Springfield, Georgia Sandy (seabeans710) xo

October 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterSandy Morcom

Sandy, first thanks so much for stopping by! I really appreciate it and it's great to hear from you. I meditate too and focussing on the positive is so important isn't it? I know that counting my blessings always lifts me up. And thank you for your kind comments about my work :-)

October 3, 2013 | Registered CommenterRachel Ellen Andrews

This set me thinking as I instinctively embrace change and am driven to always move forward, I love the excitement but hate the fear of failure that comes with it. Luckily I have a healthy degree of lethargy and apathy to stop me being 'gung ho' all the time. As an organiser, I can't resist putting the first steps into place until I find I have passed the research phase and have somehow committed myself to action - usually by telling at least one person that I am going to do it ( I always stick to my word), setting a date - whatever. Then if the new idea is too scary I continue faithfully making all the arrangements but secretly hope it won't happen - if is not right, then a higher power lets me off the hook and despite my very best efforts it is somehow prevented from going ahead. This really isn't self sabotage, I try incredibly hard but am willing to recognise when it is time to give up.
BUT the best bit is, all the work I have put in enables me to adapt the idea, approach from a fresh angle and do it later but slightly differently and with confidence this time. It can be a year later when the plan comes to fruition but it always happens that way. So bite the bullet but trust that a higher power is always looking after you and won't let you fall.

Your post set me thinking about something I have to do, need huge commitment for and don't want to start but know I must - I just need to get my head right so thank you for being apart of moving that forward. With love and Angel Blessings xxxx

October 3, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKate Cowin

Kate!!! You're very welcome!! Thanks for your reply, I loved to hear your process of trust and, actually, great commitment even though sometimes you're telling yourself that it might not come off (whatever 'it' is). And if it doesn't happen, nothing is wasted because you have done lots of work towards the project which will happen when the time is right. I love it! Love and light to you xox

ps good luck with the next commitment (and no, they won't let us fall) xx

October 3, 2013 | Registered CommenterRachel Ellen Andrews

Thank you Rachel for your gremlins blog and your comments. As of Thursday, they have prompted me to make that commitment and I have started although I am not ready to say what it is yet. I have sent for some spiral bound paper which I hope will be suitable for the first part of my journalling. I love the idea of writing down all the scary stuff and then hiding it under a beautiful creation. If you can recommend such a blank book for art journalling that would be really great. Most likely to be using watercolour pencils or pastels rather than paint. With love Kate xxx

October 5, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterKate Cowin

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